Blessing of the Animals, Oct. 3

Sunday, October 3, 4 pm
Front Lawn

animated illustration of a dog with exploding hearts for emphasis

Our next outdoor Lawn Church gathering, October 3rd at 4pm, is a multi-species affair, a service celebrating all the non-human creatures in our lives.  You’re invited to bring your pet, if your pet is amenable to being at an outdoor service around other animals and humans, or a photo of your pet if your pet is not so comfortable in that setting, or a photo or symbol of a pet you’ve loved who has died, or a picture of another animal that matters to you, or a stuffed animal, or just your own animal self to be blessed.  We are creatures among other creatures, after all, ordinary and extraordinary, messy and magnificent.  We’ll sing, bless each other’s animals, and reflect together about who we are among our Creator’s other creatures here on this beautiful planet.  This is a wide community event and all are welcome, whether you’ve been around First Church for years or it’s your very first event with us.  Bring your friends and neighbors!