Did You Know…?

…that you can read Dr. Sharon R. Fennema‘s article “Growing Movements of Loving Resistance from Moments of Hateful Violence,” in last week’s Upwellings: News & Information from NCNC-UCC?

…that Easter Sunday, April 9, we’ll be preparing Second Sunday Sandwiches at 9 am in the Cloister? It’s a very easy way to spend a few minutes (many hands make light/quick work), get to know other generously helpful folks, and benefit those less fortunate. Tasks are easy: (1) spread peanut butter on bread, (2) spread jam on bread, (3) be the Rev. of the day and marry the two, (4) put two sandwiches in one bag, (5) put the bag in the lunch bag, (6) put a pack of cookies in each of 50 bags, (7) put a piece of fruit in each of 50 bags, (8) when everything is in the lunch bag, put one staple in the folded top! A big thank you to all who have donated the supplies for this project. HAPPY EASTER! – Richard Brabham

…that the next Abundance Table is April 16? Bring what you can, take what you want!

…that the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust is the Easter Offering recipient selected by the Ministry of Justice & Service? Please read more about this organization on their beautiful website.