In Remembrance of the Tulsa Race Massacre

by Rev. Kelly Colwell
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This year, just two days ago was the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre.  Much has changed and much has not—Black thriving still challenges white supremacy, and white supremacy still sees Black joy and Black ingenuity as a threat.  At a gathering Monday dedicating a prayer wall, Rev. William Barber said “You can kill the people but you cannot kill the voice of the blood.”  So let us pray:

Living God, give us all ears to hear the voice of the blood.
Firm our limbs and strengthen our bones
so we can hear that voice and still stand,
and still walk,
and still act,
and still pray.
Grant us community to hold together
the worst stories of our history.
Grant us a vision of the world made new,
where all your children can thrive and grow,
and where no neighbor directs violence towards another.
And grant us open hearts and open hands,
to offer to each other what is needed to repair the breach
and restore our streets to live in together.
Thank you for the witness of generations of Black survivors,
and for the possibility of restorative justice,
and for the presence of your Holy Spirit as we walk this road
through painful memory towards hope.