July 3 Learning Hour: Queer and Trans Biblical Studies

Sun., July 3, 11:45 am
Loper Chapel

With all of the attacks trans people are facing in our country and around the world, it is clear that communities of faith need to step forward as allies of the trans community. A crucial first step is learning to see and value trans people and their experiences. One way to do that is to see how trans people can see themselves in the Bible. First Church member Mack Griffith (he/him) will lead this Sunday’s Learning Hour, which will be an overview of transgender biblical studies and will serve as an introduction to a multi-part series coming in the fall. We will discuss what exactly trans biblical studies means, current transgender readings of the Bible, the potential for future readings, and why trans readings are important to both trans and cis readers. All are welcome and encouraged to join whether or not you feel knowledgeable about trans issues or biblical interpretation!

Mack Griffith and his wife, Kimberly, joined First Church in February. Raised in a hyper conservative fundamentalist church, Mack found progressive Christianity when he came out as transgender. Mack is currently a Ph.D. student writing a dissertation on transgender biblical interpretation.