June 25 Learning Hour – Reading the Bible through a Transgender Lens

Sun., June 25, 11:45 am, Loper Chapel

In a long-awaited follow-up to a Learning Hour hosted in the summer of 2022, Mack Griffith will present a second Learning Hour about transgender biblical interpretation. Last summer, we looked at the history of queer and transgender biblical interpretation and talked about why transgender readings of the Bible are helpful for transgender and cisgender readers alike. This time, we will talk about ways transgender readings can be empowering and ways they can be harmful, and talk more about all the beautiful and difficult transgender experiences that can be better understood through biblical interpretation. This Learning Hour is planned with the goal of accessibility. Whether you spend a lot of time thinking about transgender identity and biblical interpretation or you have never thought about either topic separately much less the intersection of them, you are more than welcome. Curiosity and questions are strongly encouraged and extremely welcome!

Mack’s Bio

Mack Griffith, who joined FCCB with his wife Kimberly in 2022, is a Ph.D. candidate at MF Norweigan School of Theology, Religion, and Society. He is writing his dissertation on the topic of Transgender Biblical Studies specifically on how transgender people of faith can interpret the Bible through the lens of transgender experience to produce readings that empower transgender readers.