March 15 Learning Hour: Expecting God in Sacred Scripture

This session, with Veronica Mary Rolf, will trace the arc of our spiritual journey through the main characters, dramatic conflicts, and mystical revelations of sacred Scripture, relating these stories directly to the distinct stages of our own lives—from birth, childhood, and adolescence, to adulthood, maturity, and beyond. By learning how to identify with the difficult choices and sudden realizations of the biblical characters, we may gain fresh insight into the ways in which divine presence “breaks in” to speak to us personally through sacred Scripture and throughout our daily lives. Our session will be in Loper Chapel starting at 11:45 a.m. on March 15.

Veronica Mary Rolf is an independent scholar, a professional playwright, and the author of Suddenly There is God (2019), An Explorer’s Guide to Julian of Norwich (2018), and Julian’s Gospel (2013), which have won numerous awards, including the Nautilus Gold Medal Award for Spirituality and the National Indie “Excellence” award for religion. Veronica lectures on scripture and spirituality, leads contemplative retreats, and writes on her