Men’s Mini Retreat

Saturday, April 17
9:30 am – 12 pm
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ID: 813 6242 7438 Passcode: 625673

Feeling out of touch? Out of sync? Missing connecting at church with old and new friends? Twelve months of Covid makes it tough on people of all ages at school, at work, or in retirement. Everyone is facing challenges of all shapes and sizes. This mini retreat will give us an opportunity to connect and share our experiences and wisdom while supporting each other.  

We are an open and affirming congregation. The retreat is trans-inclusive, and welcomes all men, non-binary, and gender-queer people. Please come, join in and get to know other folks in our community.

Come Zoom together for one or both of these events.  No need to sign-up, just zoom-in and participate.  

Organizers are Leonard Ash, Roger Bash, Jim Coates, Nick Kukulan, and Bob Stumpf.