Nov. 7 Learning Hour: Mining the Treasures in our Life Stories

Sun., Nov. 7, 12:15 pm
ID: 889 6774 0143 Passcode: 261432

Social and behavioral scientists have opened a rich store of techniques to collect and interpret life story narratives for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Join our learning hour host, Craig Pratt, for an exploration of science-based narrative methods that can be easily adapted to enrich your storytelling, journaling, and extended family dialogue opportunities.

Craig is a First Church Deacon who became fascinated with life stories as a way of personal expression and social connection. Craig’s consuming interest in memoir and self-discovery through telling and listening to life stories has become a consuming interest since he completed and published a book: “Working Together Hatefully” earlier this year. He hopes to share explorations of the comparatively new academic discipline “Narrative Gerontology” with other First Church seekers.