Peggy Orenstein and Her New Book!

Sun., Feb. 26, 2023, 10 am

Berkeley (and bestselling!) author Peggy Orenstein, best known for her informative, touching, and often hilarious nonfiction hits Boys & Sex and Girls & Sex, has a new book out and we are one of the first stops on her book tour!

Peggy will be with us in worship on Sun., Feb. 26 for a special Life Meets Art to discuss Unraveling:  What I Learned About Life While Shearing Sheep, Dyeing Wool, and Making the World’s Ugliest Sweater

A little bit about the book: “The COVID pandemic propelled many people to change their lives in ways large and small. Some adopted puppies. Others stress-baked. Peggy Orenstein, a lifelong knitter, went just a little further. To keep herself engaged and cope with a series of seismic shifts in family life, she set out to make a garment from the ground up: learning to shear sheep, spin and dye yarn, then knitting herself a sweater. Orenstein hoped the project would help her process not just wool but her grief over the recent death of her mother and the decline of her dad, the impending departure of her college-bound daughter, and other thorny issues of aging as a woman in a culture that by turns ignores and disdains them. What she didn’t expect was a journey into some of the major issues of our time: climate anxiety, racial justice, women’s rights, the impact of technology, sustainability, and, ultimately, the meaning of home.”