Political Activism for Teens Workshop

Wednesday, October 21, 6 pm

There is a lot going on in our country right now, and it often feels overwhelming. This time may feel particularly disempowering for those who aren’t old enough to vote in November. However, there are so many ways youth can advocate for important issues and learning how to contact your elected officials is one of them!

Calling politicians can be scary if you’ve never done it before, so this virtual Political Activism for Teens workshop is designed to help youth gain confidence and some practical skills to speak out. As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors, and one tangible way we can do this is by holding our elected officials accountable in making policies that treat our neighbors with respect.

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify your federal, state, and local elected officials
  • Learn how to contact them about issues you care about
  • Develop a script that will help you speak your mind in a way that sounds true to you
  • PRACTICE! Participants will also leave with a handy cheat sheet that will help them maintain their newfound confidence when they start making calls on their own.

If you have a teen in your life who would benefit from this, please share this invitation!

This workshop is open to anyone in 6th-12th grade and will be co-facilitated by Sara Fread and Natalie Barnes. Natalie is a legislative correspondent on Capitol Hill and has worked on multiple local, state, and national campaigns. She’s also a lifelong member of the UCC and loves teaching others about civic engagement!

Any questions can be directed to Sara at [email protected].