Queer Pulpit Takeover for Pride Month

This year marks our third annual Queer Pulpit Takeover for Pride Month! In addition to our own in-house queer preachers, we’re inviting in two wonderful UCC preachers to help us explore what Real Queer Love has to teach us about God’s love and our own love. Come with an open heart, ready to grow and learn.

June 4 – Rev. Dr. Kelly Colwell (she, her) – “Real Queer Love”
Rev. Kelly is one of our own pastors—she’ll set us up for the month with a sermon about what we learn about God from real, queer love.

June 11 – Rev. Dr. Phiwa Langeni (they, them) – “A Hokey Pokey Kind o’ Love”
Rev. Phiwa (PEE-wa) will preach a sermon entitled “A Hokey Pokey Kind o’ Love” and offer a Learning Hour after the service on Gender Expansiveness in the Bible.

June 18 – Rev. Dr. Ciarán Osborn (he, him) – “Christianity and Polyamory”
Rev. Ciarán (KEE-ran) will bring us a sermon on Christianity and Polyamory—God’s love and human love, the breadth and depth we can experience. Join him for a special workshop on Sat., June 17 from 5-7 pm on theological resources for thinking about polyamory too. A deeper dive!

June 25 – Rev. Hannah Turner (she, her)
Our own Rev. Hannah will close the series with a sermon about her own journey to love and cherish her identity as God’s beloved queer child.