Thank you Margaret Copeland!

Since September 2008 (over 11 years!), longtime member Margaret Copeland has created and edited the church newsletter, The Carillon. As we move to all-digital communications in 2020 and retire the print version of the Carillon, we say thank you to Margaret for her many years of faithful service, her attention to detail, her knack for beauty and elegance in words, images and design! Margaret’s work as a communicator has knit us more closely together as a community, and given newcomers broad entry into our life together. Well done, good and faithful servant! 

Moving forward, the digital version of the Carillon will come directly to your email inbox every Thursday. It will be gathered and edited by Ben McKnight, our Communications Specialist. You can send Ben articles, Tree of Life tidbits, announcements at any time to: [email protected]. Send by Tuesday each week to be included in the Thursday mailing.