Unhoused neighbors need our help.

Unhoused neighbors need our help.  Supplies and non perishable food can be left on the porch at 1214 Evelyn Ave, in Berkeley (near Gilman & San Pablo)

Here is what is needed:

o Hand Sanitizer 
o Tissue 
o Baby Wipes 
o Toilet Paper 
o Propane 
o Solar Panels (for Charging Stations as businesses will be closed) 
o Deep Cycle Batteries (same as above) 
o Propane Cook Stoves 
o Tarps 
o Trash Cans with lids 
o Tubs for food storage 
o Drinking water 
o Soap – Dawn dish soap 
o Canned Meat – spam, chicken, tuna, ham, etc. 
o Canned Fruit 
o Canned Veggies 
o Evaporated Milk 
o Can openers 
o Chili 
o Canned Beans 
o Peanut Butter 
o Crackers 
o Tortillas 
o Block cheese 
o Batteries 
o Trash bags 
o Medical supplies 
o Vector Control 
o Dog Food 
o Blankets, sleeping bags, clothes, etc.