Vaccine Appointments & Rides

Teams of volunteer, vaccinated church members are partnering to provide assistance (online & phone) to anyone who may need help obtaining a Covid-vaccine appointment (1st, 2nd or both). We are hoping to capitalize on the experience of our volunteers to navigate the appointment system on behalf of members of our community who may have become overwhelmed or discouraged. We also have drivers standing by to provide to/from transportation to your appointment. No confidential medical information is necessary.

We will need your contact information and the preferred healthcare system and the city where you hope to obtain a vaccine shot. We will list and accommodate any need(s) you may have for transportation (wheelchair, walker etc.). The more flexibility that you have the easier it will become to obtain vaccine and join those of us who have been fortunate to take this important step to put the Covid-related worries and hassle behind us.

Email Louise Halsey ([email protected]) to sign up or for questions.